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Crowd-sourced, scoring + analytics for any location.

Retail Analytics

Discover powerful insights about your retail location(s) and attract nearby visitors.

Analytics for Ad Networks

Uncover real-time audience profiles and actual impressions for any Out-of-Home media location in North America.

Real Estate Scoring

Access on-demand data for any commercial and residential real estate listing including foot and vehicle traffic data, neighborhood profiles and comparative scoring of multiple locations.

Smart City Data

Activate data for an entire city or country. Real-time and historical data for road usage analytics, migration planning, urban informatics, security and local law enforcement and crowd management applications.

Meet LocationGenius

A powerful web service that scores and delivers brilliant analytics for just about any location in North America. Subscribe to monitor and analyze any location(s) or access data on-demand.

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Why we get up in the morning:

There is a gaping hole when it comes to data about the ‘real world’ making it difficult for businesses to fuse online strategy with offline strategy. Well, we believe in the prospect of uncovering brilliant analytics and insights about all of the walking, jogging, eating, driving, working, partying, shopping and all of the other stuff people do in the “real” world.


Location pings per second.

LocationGenius ingests, indexes and profiles more than 8,000 pings per second each with a geo-stamp and time-stamp.

10 Billion

Data points across North America.

Every retail location, billboard, real estate listing, neighbourhood and street in Canada is profiled persistently every day.


Anonymous and aggregate data.

Our privacy architecture disables us from ever accessing or delivering data that is considered Personally Identifiable Information for any users or devices.

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Uncover invisible data and analytics for any location.

If you would like to learn more about how our platform works, click below to download the LocationGenius Overview.

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Data Source 1

Cellular Network & Device Data

Our engine ingests, indexes and profiles billions of bulk, anonymized, location-stamped and time-stamped signals from cellular networks and mobile applications across North America.

Data Source 2

Presence Sensors & Beacons

Transform any offline location into a analytics hotspot powered by our SIM-enabled, plug and play sensor. Uncover trends about nearby foot traffic, optimize your operations and product mix and boost your marketing to drive more customers to your location.

Data Source 3

Social Media Data

Overlay brilliant amounts of rich, real-time and historical social media data to any location. Whether you want to find the best location for a ‘gluten-free cafe’ or you want to focus your marketing on the most popular local celebrities, our social media layers will transform your business.

Our Services

On-demand insights and analytics for any location, including:

Visitor Analytics & Traffic Flow

Download real-time and historical data about the volume of people and the engagement of nearby traffic for any location.

  • Volume of visitors
  • Time of Day breakdown of visitors
  • Average visit duration of visitors
  • Frequency of visits
  • Daily, weekly monthly view
  • Traffic flow and path estimation
  • Previous, next stops
  • Home location/origin of visitors
Segmentation and Profiling

The profiling engine plugs into postal code data, behavioural streams, census data, and a growing number of other in-house and 3rd party sources. This transforms the sterile data into meaningful, and actionable segments of customers.

  • Household Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender Estimation
  • Education Level & Employment
  • Consumer Spending Profile
  • Brand Preferences
Geo-stamped Social Layer

Aggregated, geo-stamped data from social networks in layers to help profile people traffic in and out of any area based on what the aggregate of people in that area ‘follow’ and talk about. This level of sentiment and semantic analysis is done using only public-sphere data and is designed to shed light on the general sentiment of clusters in and around any location or custom-area.

  • Social profile of nearby users
  • Semantic analysis of nearby social activity
  • Discover brand preferences, based on social data
  • Keyword analysis and crowd-tags
  • Sentiment analysis in real-time and historically

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The power of LocationGenius

Score and compare multiple locations.

Download brilliant analytics about nearby visitors and customers.

Uncover insights about your location(s) historically, presently
and in the future.

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